Insurance Plans


Highmark offers health insurance plans to fit a variety of needs and budgets. Visit your local Highmark Direct health insurance store to meet with a sales associate and learn more about your options. We will work with you to find the right plan at the right price. 

Highmark Insurance Plans

Our insurance options include:

  • Medicare: For those 65 and older or otherwise Medicare eligible we offer several Highmark Medicare Advantage plans including private health insurance (Part C), standalone prescription drug coverage (Part D) and Medigap supplemental insurance. Learn more about your Medicare options.
  • Individual and family plans: Highmark offers a variety of health insurance plans for individuals and families. 
  • Dental: Blue Edge Dental covers cleanings, exams and other dental services. 
  • Travel insurance: GeoBlue provides trip protection and medical coverage for Americans traveling outside the U.S.

Additional Member Programs

These programs also are available to Highmark plan members:

  • Fertility treatments: Our WINFertility program saves money on fertility treatments and connects you with experts.

Make an Appointment

For a personalized session with a Highmark Direct health insurance store associate, make an appointment at one of our convenient store locations or simply drop in.